The Documentary Ape Geniuus, Experiments

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1. The Documentary "Ape Genius" 2. Fossilized Remains 1. In the documentary "Ape Genius", researchers conducted a series of experiments to determine the social and intellectual capabilities of chimps and bonobos. Describe two of these experiments (the procedure, the subject and observations) and the conclusions that were drawn from them. In your opinion, are these experiments, proof of the inferior or superior intelligence of apes compared to humans? Explain. i) One of the experiments in the “Ape Genius” documentary involves the use numerals to understand the emotions of apes. Two chimpanzees are used in this experiment. The procedure involves placing two bowls of candy in front of one of the chimpanzees. The bowl that the chimpanzee picks will be given to the other chimpanzee while it gets the other bowl. One bowl is filled with more candy than the other. When shown the two bowls, the chimpanzee points at the bowl with more candy and hence it gets the one with less candy while its counterpart gets the bowl with more candy. The same experiment is repeated with number cards in place of candy. When the bowls are placed before the chimpanzee, it points at the bowl with less number cards. It is given the bowl with more cards while the other chimpanzee gets the bowl with less cards. However, when the experiment is repeated again, this time with candy, the chimpanzee cannot resist pointing at the bowl with more candy. This is despite learning from the other trials

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