The Documentary ' Child Of Rage '

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The documentary, Child of Rage (HBO & Monet, 1990), is sad and disturbing. According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA, 2013), the child meets much of the criteria for conduct disorder. The child was shown to frequently bully, threaten, intimidate, use pins on people and animals with the intention to harm, was physically cruel to people and animals, stole and hid knives, sexually molested her little brother and stated she wanted to kill her parents and brother which are many of criterion A set forth in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual – 5 (APA, 2013). She did not seem to be remorseful or feel guilty at the beginning of the HBO & Monet (1990) documentary but did express remorse as evidenced crying at the end. While she was talking with the interviewer she seemed to exhibit a lack of empathy and did not show emotion and would most likely have a specifier of childhood onset with limited prosocial emotions and is severe (APA, 2013). I felt it was remarkable the therapy she received did so much for her and literally saved her life.
Reactive attachment disorder is described (Kress & Paylo, 2014) as a disorder in which the child received extreme neglect by the primary caregiver and as a result does not form emotional bonds with others. Recent studies, state Kress & Paylo (2014), show that all children in order to develop emotional bonding with others need their basic physical and emotional requirements met. This was also the case with the little girl in the HBO &
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