The Documentary, Digital Nation, Directed By Rachel Dretzin

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The documentary, Digital Nation, directed by Rachel Dretzin in 2010 addresses the topic of technology changing global culture as well as the effect it’s having on the youngest generation. Digital Nation showcases the change as both positive and negative. The negative side being the “Dumbest Generation” viewpoint, as well as the “dangers” of videogames. Furthermore, the documentary glorifies the previous generation by looking at the past with a nostalgic view, suggesting that we were better off before. On the other hand, the documentary show the positive impact of videogames in education, showcasing its use as a tool for learning to further engage students and create a more interesting classroom. During the film, Rushkoff traveled to South Korea and discusses how that nation is trying to deal with the now present problem addiction among youth with gaming and the internet. Rushkoff remarks that these kids “Causalities of the digital revolution,” as he visits rehabilitation camps and clinics for children that specialize in re-connecting such kids with the outside world and the simple life. The documentary praises the rehab center, playing more “happy” music during the footage of the children working together, and almost exclusively captures the kids smiling when they are building a tent as a camp activity. Then, the internet cafés are shown as darker, focusing only on the blank expressions of those that were gaming to show the negative side of the gaming craze.
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