The Documentary Goes Through The Father

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The documentary goes through the role the father play’s in every stage of a child’s life. Father’s relationship’s begins before birth; children can recognize the mother’s voice while she is pregnant but when the father speaks the child reacts more. The documentary also talks about body changes in the father soon after getting his partner pregnant. There is a hormonal change in the father, which causes physical changes. Dr. Brennan did research that showed 55% of the men he conducted his research on had symptoms that most associate with pregnant women. That is known as a couvade syndrome which happens with the increase of prolactin. Experiment conducted showed that prolactin increases after a 15 minute period of a father holding his baby compared to before he holds his child. Documentary also states that study found that when the father is present while mother is giving birth, she was more distressed and there was a decrease in labor time. It can also work the other way around if the father is anxious and that can inhibit oxytocin and therefore increase labor time. Fathers right after birth try to find any that resembles them to see if they pass on any genes. Testosterone levels reduce by as much of a third after birth which becomes more nurturing and calmer. The documentary shows an experiment in which a father and a single male are giving a baby doll and their interactions with the doll is more different. The father holds the doll as if it was a child and the single male…
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