The Documentary Hypothesis Of Moses

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It is now opinions of many biblical scholars and historians that Moses did not write the first five books also known as the Torah or the Pentateuch of the Old Testament which is also known as the Tanakh. There exists a theory that the original authors consisted five different groups all from various locations in the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judah and who contributed to the writing of the Torah over a period of centuries. This theory is what is now known as the Documentary Hypothesis.

Documented evidence exists from 1100AD, that Rabbi Isaac ibn Yashush in his opinion it appeared that following the death of Moses an unknown author added the list of the Edomite kings in Genesis 36. Four hundred years later, in 1500AD Bishop Tostatus wrote that in his opinion that there appeared to be certain verses not written by Moses but instead by someone else. Also, in 1600AD Andreas Van Maes wrote that someone else along with Moses was author of
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Individual clergy in mainline Christian denominations are more traditionally minded that are their theologians. Also, individual church members are more conservative with their religious beliefs that their church clergy.
Conservative biblical scholar such as William Albright agree to the possibility of more than one author or authors who wrote the Torah. The Vatican itself estimates that 90% of academics in the field of biblical scholarship support the Documentary Hypothesis.

Conversely, there are those who also feel that the Documentary Hypothesis attacks the history and integrity of the Hebrew Bible. Modern Judaism no longer practice many of the old customs or rituals and replaced priests with rabbis. Some might also claim that the Documentary Hypothesis is anti-Semitic or against Judaism. A statement from the Shalem Center which is a Zionist research institute states, "It would be a mistake to categorize it as an anti-Semitic
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