The Documentary On How These Individuals Are Affected By How They Live With Ads

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Summary of the documentary on how these individuals are affected by how they live with ADS and the challenged on how to live in a “normal societies”. Throughout the film, most of the adults were just figuring out that there’s is something wrong with them, as the other individuals diagnosed as young age. The documentary mention about treatments like medicine, they discussed on how they live with this for many years, or how they acted from friends and family. These individuals on how they think or try to speak are unbelievable because people try to write them off as stupid and they not average humans.

Neurotypical, which is a film on ASD, shows the signs of the dysfunction and the insights on how these individuals live in their daily
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How people are changing these individuals lives because they are not thinking the same as regular people. Some of these individuals did not put on any medication to calm themselves down. The families and the individuals have a hard time to deal with ASD. However, they deal with it in the best way they can.

Reaction to the film based on how these individual were adults and how they defined ASD, one married her husband had said his wife, and her mother have it and they deal with it fine like anyone else would, he also had mentioned DSM-5 and how to be on the other side of the spectrum. These individuals seem to live an ordinary life, people cannot even tell that these families have challenges or anything that comes to light.

Viewing this documentary, opinions of this individual with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) did, in fact, change the opinion of who they are. ASD can start from when they were born to a mature adult. This film presented lessons on how families and the individuals have gone through a daily lifestyle. One lesson that shown in the movie is that they understand going on however it may take the time to process through their brains.

My late cousin on my father’s side, he has a son who is Autistic. I know little about his son due to family conflict. However, when I saw my cousin, he would explain how his son is doing and that he is in a special school for students like him to get the help by individuals. However, I have not seen my cousin son since, my
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