The Documentary On How These Individuals Are Affected By How They Live With Ads

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Summary of the documentary on how these individuals are affected by how they live with ADS and the challenged on how to live in a “normal societies”. Throughout the film, most of the adults were just figuring out that there’s is something wrong with them, as the other individuals diagnosed as young age. The documentary mention about treatments like medicine, they discussed on how they live with this for many years, or how they acted from friends and family. These individuals on how they think or try to speak are unbelievable because people try to write them off as stupid and they not average humans.

Neurotypical, which is a film on ASD, shows the signs of the dysfunction and the insights on how these individuals live in their daily life. Neurotypical shows that the not-uncommon and little understand of the how the fundamentals of human are perception.

Therefore, the film goes further involving the broad spectrum of autism and the ways to adaptation to pass a reasonable person in an ordinary world. The filmmaker was showing the issues within the 21st- century and the debate on the DSM -5 and how they these doctors say well these adults or children have autism. One of the individual named Wolf says’ "I look at neurotypical life, and I 'm sorry, I really don 't want to be one of you." (Neurotypical 2013).

Personal reaction to the film is unbelievable due on how these individuals lives are altered in a daily routine, trying to pass as normal people when they are not…
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