The Documentary The Sixteenth Man

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The documentary the 16th man tells the story of the South African rugby team winning the 1995 World Cup during a time when racial equality was a major issue. The whites were in power in the country of South Africa and judging others based simply by their skin color. According to the video blacks outnumbered whites 6 to 1, but still did not have the right to vote as the whites had complete control. Both sides were at odds with each other fueled by anger and unjustified resentment. Then when the 1995 rugby World Cup was being held in South Africa the South African team was heavy underdogs. The big news though was one of the better players on the team was a black man. This created some pride among their race and brought their attention to the games. South Africa ended up shocking the world as they won the World Cup. This was big news and had a tremendous impact on their fans. However, the biggest impact could not be measured by a trophy. The victory brought people together. Allowed people to realize there was no need for the fighting and that they were not so different after all. The 1995 South African rugby team highlights how sport can unite people, proving that social and political resolutions can be developed through sport. Nelson Mandela as a peaceful leader of the South African black community he realized what sports could do for dying down the racial tension. The sport was bringing everyone together. Instead of picking racial sides everyone was combined as
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