The Documentary Waiting For Superman

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The documentary Waiting for “Superman”, directed by Davis Guggenheim, utilizes pathos to keep the viewers engaged which causes the film to be effective. Following five children through their struggle of being accepted into a charter school is a use of pathos. The director does this in a few different ways. Three of these are by interviewing the parents, interviewing the children, and having the narrator tell stories about the children. The movie’s main point seems to be that the director wants people to be aware of how difficult it is to get into charter schools, but also be aware of how much some kids need it. Waiting for “Superman”, released October 29, 2010, is about five kids, Anthony, Francisco, Bianca, Daisy, and Emily, as they each fight to join a charter school near them. These kids feel that they deserve a better education than the public school system will provide them, and they cannot wait to escape it. The movie starts by saying that some families have a choice of what school they send their kids to while others must hand over their choice for luck. The families that rely on luck must send their child through a lottery type system. At the lotteries, the charter school randomly draws names to choose who the lucky ones will be. The charter schools are required by law to hold a lottery whenever there is limited space in the school (Waiting). The viewers receive a background story when the director interviews each of the five kids. Since the film is following the

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