The Dod Developed The Cyber Strategy

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Case Study Description The DoD developed the cyber strategy with three primary missions in mind. The first mission is to defend DoD networks, systems, and information. Next is to defend the U.S. homeland and U.S. national interests against cyberattacks of significant consequence and finally to provide cyber support to military operational and contingency plans. To accomplish this mission, the Secretary of Defense and the current USCYBERCOM Commander acknowledges that the “DoD must develop its cyber forces and strengthen its cyber defense and cyber deterrence posture” (Special Report: Cyber Strategy, n.d.). With this in mind the DoD set the requirement to have all 133 of USCYBERCOM’s cyber teams achieve initial operating capability by the…show more content…
In regards to policy and doctrine, the assessment would need to utilize three main documents, namely the Cyber Force Concept of Operations and Employment (CFCOE), the Joint Cyberspace Training and Certification Standards (JCT&CS), and the Cyber Mission Force Joint Training and Readiness Manual (T&R Manual). The CFCOE is a comprehensive, evolving, document defining CMF teams’ roles, functions, and operational processes. Next, the JCT&CS defines the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for each cyber mission force work role (i.e., position). Lastly, the T&R Manual stipulates the requirements to assess individual and team readiness using a common set of joint tasks, conditions, and standards for all cyber mission team positions (Department of Defense, 2014). Key stakeholders included Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), the Armed Services, the Joint Staff, the National Guard Bureau, USCYBERCOM. By developing a comprehensive assessment to evaluate the cyber team’s ability to meet full operational capacity, this project outcome would nest in the overall USCYBERCOM cyber strategy of developing cyber forces and strengthening the United States cyber defense and cyber deterrence posture while building cyber capabilities and organizations. Describes the project outcome The project was successful in the deliverance of the objectives outlined by the key stakeholders in accordance with the
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