The Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform And Consumer Protection Act

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The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was signed to redesign numerous areas of the US regulatory system and to protect consumers against mortgage companies, banks, and other entities that were gambling and taking excessive risks with the consumers’ financial assets7. The act promised to restore America and create new jobs for those who had lost everything during the financial crisis of 2008. When the crisis occurred, Wall Street “did not have the tools to break apart or wind down a failing financial firm without putting the American taxpayer and the entire financial system at risk,” and Washington did not have the power to oversee and limit the risk-taking behavior that was taking place at the time7. The act is composed of sixteen titles, each one can be considered a powerful law individually; however, the act comprised them all together to have a major impact on the economy. Some of the main provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act removed the burden imposed on the taxpayers and are now holding Wall Street accountable for any firm that fails in the future7. In addition, the Volcker Rule has been implemented, in essence this rule prohibits banking institutions to do other activities unconnected to assisting their customers; this provision separates “proprietary trading” (which includes the banks being “allowed to own, invest, or sponsor hedge funds, private equity funds, or proprietary trading operations for their own profit”) from the activity of banking
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