The Doghouse By Katrina Ocampo

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The article ‘THE DOGHOUSE: THROUGHOUT THE YEARS’ by Katrina Ocampo was published on December 4, 2017. The article revolves around the Doghouse of Ateneo located in the Zen Garden. It is in the middle of the garden and serves as a place for activities for different organizations and currently houses an organization of students called ‘Dollhouse’. Ocampo explored the place’s history as well as the students’ and alumni’s different experiences and memories of the place. The article’s conclusion is how places, like the Doghouse, are more than their physical aspects and are also filled with memories that people make in them. This article captured my interest because I, like the author, am a student of the Ateneo. Ocampo expressed that part of…show more content…
I want to learn more about what other people, specifically people who are also detached from the Doghouse, think about the Doghouse. That is why the last part is the most fascinating part for me. Ocampo expressed her views on the Doghouse and the way she expressed her views felt more compelling for me to pay the Doghouse a thought or a visit and made it more interesting to me. The segment that I found most tedious to read is the body. The body felt more a compilation of accounts than a feature article. The connection of the accounts of different students and alumni to the conclusion is unclear. For example, in the conclusion Ocampo stated and I quote “This where students feel safe and at home with their group of friends”. There is an account in the body where the person had a horrific experience in the Doghouse. How the Doghouse can be a safe refuge with the after the account of the person who had a less than stellar experience there was not…show more content…
Her previous title is “A Humble Abode”. I said that the title did not give an inkling as to what place she would be talking about in her article. She then changed the title to ‘THE DOGHOUSE: THROUGHOUT THE YEARS’, which in my opinion gives the readers more of what is talked about in the article than the previous title. Some suggestions that I would like to make are the following: in her D.R.A.F.T, she stated that her audience are Atenean students and alumni. She can work on how to make the article more interesting for alumni to read. She can also explore her personal insight more, since the article revoloved too much in what other people see in the
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