The Doll 's House By Katherine Mansfield

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The Doll’s House written by Katherine Mansfield repeatedly uses the image of the dollhouse to symbolize the rich and the poor. Mansfield uses the doll’s house itself as a metaphor for the world of the rich upper class and creates a symbolic language surrounding it. The metaphor and imagery of the dollhouse is important for this short story because it shows how rich people view life and as well as the lower class and compares them to one another. It is also important because the dollhouse connects and relates to how the wealthier class treats and looks down upon on the lower and less fortunate class. The dollhouse is not just a toy that the girls have, it represents the class of people weather you are rich or poor. This is because the Burnell sisters receive such a beautiful and detailed gift that must have taken a long time to make, and they show all their classmates but the Kelvey sisters. This is because the Kelvey sisters are extremely poor, and also their mother is a house cleaner for all the people in the town. The little amber lamp that Kezia sees and adores in the dollhouse represents what is real, or of real value in an desolate emotional world. The dollhouse in the short story The Doll’s House is repeatedly talked about throughout the story and it has a special significance that is more than just a regular “dollhouse” toy. The dollhouse in the short story The Doll’s House represents the difference between the wealthier class and poor class, and not just an object
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