The Dollar and Sense of Preventive Care

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The introduction and implementation of the Affordable Healthcare Act has put the insurance industry and healthcare costs under the public microscope. As politicans, insurance executives, doctors and consumers scutinize every cost associated with healthcare, Preventive Health Care has become a topic of debate. Preventive health care saves lives and contribute to a better quality of life by diagnosing medical conditions at early more treatable stages. This paper examines the effectiveness of preventive healthcare in containment of health care costs and overall health benefit of consumers. After a brief introduction to preventive health care, the paper provides evidence of prevention activities that generate significant cost saving to…show more content…
This primary care stage is the most cost effective and well known area of preventive care. This stage includes providing information and education on healthy eating, dangers of alcohol, managing stress, identifying mental disorders, managing weight and importance of exercise. Besides education and life style changes the primary care area includes immunization and yearly physicals in order to stop disease and/or catch it early. Secondary care is focused on the detection and management of early stage diease through screening. Detecting the early stages of disease and intervening before full symptoms develop then taking actions that are cost effective and have impact on life expetency..This stage does not prevent disease but provide early stage treatment to reduce effects of disease or slow its development. The separation between primary and secondary preventive care can be difficult to distinguish. The third level of preventive care is tertiary for the treatment of disease to prevent development toward disability or death. Tertiary preventive care focuses on rehabilitation to increase the patients ability to function with as little pain as possible. Unlike the secondary preventive care which focuses on preventing disability, tertiary care extentuates the abilities that are not effective and get

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