The Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji Essay

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The killing of the 20,000 Bottlenose dolphin in the Pacific Ocean in Taiji Cove, Japan is devastating and these killings are becoming an epidemic because the multi-million dollar a year aquariums and marine parks like SeaWorld are the main clients making demands for show dolphins. In the documentary The Cove,1 Richard O’Barry stated that “the aquariums request the best looking dolphins and for the other dolphins they are killed for their meat.” Although these dolphins are being killed the other few which hard to produce an approximate amount are kept alive for profit and are sold to Marine parks. “20,000 dolphins are killed every year between September through March,” Sea Shepherd3. Spear rods are used to kill the dolphins, and that …show more content…
Since the (IWC) International Whaling Committee banned whale hunting in 1986, Japan has used a loophole saying that the killings are for scientific research,1 based on the classification written by International Whaling Committee, Tursiops aduncus (Bottlenose Dolphin) and all other dolphins are considered whales. However apparently, small cetaceans are not protected by this law, allowing Japan to continue the slaughter with impunity. These dolphins are being killed at such an alarming rate that it will be impossible for them to reproduce and mature before the next hunting season to begin1 because a female dolphin needs approximately twelve months to give birth to a baby dolphin and the female can only bear one child at time.3 During the hunts, all dolphins are rounded up. Grandparents, parents and children are killed together the dolphins that do survive are shipped immediately to aquariums and aquatic parks like SeaWorld.3
Solutions are complex. Business revenue will decreased and jobs will be lost because the Taiji Fisherman main source of income will be lost. If the drive hunts were to stop, marine parks would lose some of their main attractions because captive dolphin’s lifespan are short due to the dolphins not being able to live as they please and swim their forty nautical miles a day

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