The Dolphins Case Study Essay

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After beating the New England Patriots 20-10 to close out a disappointing 6-10 season, the NFL's Miami Dolphins are at a crossroads. They obviously have holes to fill on defense and in the offensive backfield if they want to get back to a level where they can actually compete for a playoff spot. That said, Dolphins' owner Steve Ross has a bigger issue he needs to address before worrying about player personnel. After the firing of Head Coach Joe Philbin at mid-season, Ross appointed Dan Campbell to the post on an interim basis. Given the fact the Dolphins went 3-7 under Campbell's care, it became evident he might be ready for the position on a regular basis. Therefore, Ross is faced with the task of finding the 9th head Coach in Miami's history.…show more content…
If that's the case, it becomes a complicated issue. According to NFL rules, the Dolphins organization has to seek permission to speak to Payton before making any overtures. If they seek permission, they would be doing so without any direct knowledge that the Saints are ready to part ways with their Super Bowl winning head coach who still has two years remaining on an $8.0 million a year contact. Further complicating the issue is the fact the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles are also in the market for a new head coach after the resignation of Tom Coughlin and the firing of Chip Kelly, respectively. Both teams have also expressed a direct interest in speaking with Payton and both have historical connections to the man. When queried about the team's search for the right head coach, Ross replied "I'm looking for somebody who can really be motivational and inspire the players to play, getting the best out of them. [Someone] that's very intelligent, and will really change the culture here," further adding "The great ones are all under contract, and I can't really negotiate with them to try to lure them to Miami, unfortunately." At this point, team officials have already interviewed veteran coaches Mike Smith and Mike
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