The Domain Of Active Directory

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only have 5 clients.


Active Directory: Active Directory is going to be the first be installed and the first configuration is going to be creating the first Domain controller in a domain. After the domain controller is configured I will start creating the user accounts and defining the appropriate access rights for the two types of users in the network (users (14) and Admins (2)).
PCTECH users 14x

PCTECH users 14x

Users 2 to 15 have access to their individual folders where they can they can read, delete, write and amend files. The files in the folders belonging to the other users can only be accessed and copied but not modified.
PCTECH Admins 2x

PCTECH user 1 and business owner have users with administrative access rights, which give them full access to the system.

For any of the 16 users I would recommend the password to be changed by each user on the first login; the Administrator, as a security measure, must enforce password complexity to prevent users from using passwords such as password, password123, 1234, username1234 and so on; also password should be changed every 72 days and the user cannot use the same password twice.

Client Side


*Operating System (Windows XP), system utilities and application software are mapped from the server over the network.

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP

System utilities and Application software:

• Security: Ultimate Protection Kaspersky Total Security Multi-Device
• Backup: Acronis Backup for…

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