The Domestic Box Office Gross Receipts Counted

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The domestic box office gross receipts counted of $9.66 billion in movie ticket sales in 2014, a 4.5% retreat from 2012 and 2013. This totals about 1.18 billion movie tickets sold. The top grossing films of the year were Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The LEGO Movie, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Maleficent, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Godzilla, and 22 Jump Street. Regal Entertainment recent released that they are considering “strategic alternatives”, hinting at a possible sell of the company. Regal Entertainment’s quarter net income in October 2014 was $26.7 million which is down from $75.1 million earlier in 2014.
US consumer spending on home
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Digital trends have not been enough to offset loss from CDs and downloads, according to the RIAA report released for the first half of 2014. Sales declined a total of 4.9%, equaling less than $3.2 billion total. The first half of 2014 showed an 11.6% decline in digital album sales compared to the first half of 2013.
2c. SWOT analysis of the industry as of 2015
The film industry sees a 32% rise at the Chinese box office in 2014. The overseas interest in film has been steadily increasing and has reached $3.55 billion in the first half of 2014. Blu-ray, electronic sell through (EST), and subscription based streaming technology has supplemented the movie and entertainment industry and are reportedly still growing according to the Digital Entertainment Group (DEG). The television industry is expanding into locker services, which allows consumers to store purchased content online to download later on multiple platforms. The radio industry had a 57% increase year over year in streaming internet radio. The Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2014-2018, released by consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, predicts music streaming revenue to reach $1.7 billion by 2018.
The domestic box office has shown a decline in the sales of tickets to consumers. This means that the theaters are losing its audience. Competition from other forms of media are threatening to eradicate film. 3D movies are not succeeding in the market as hoped and the domestic revenue
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