The Domestic Tourism When People Go On Holidays Essay

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-The domestic tourism when people go on holidays, short breaks or take day trips within the country. For example a group of school students go for summer holidays in Scotland as the hot weather is better in Scotland. Explain and give an example of the term outbound tourism. -Outbound tourism describes when people travel far away from the country where they normally live. For example a group of University students go on a holiday for two years from London to Paris for educational purposes. Explain and give an example of the term inbound tourism. -Inbound tourism is when people travel in a country from their country of origin or another country which is not their home. For example a family from Berlin travel to London to visit Buckingham Palace. Describe and give one example of both serviced and non-serviced accommodation in the UK. -Serviced accommodation is a service where you are provided by meals and a range of services such as housekeeping staff and communication facilities such as reception. The most suitable accommodation for students would be guesthouse. There are lots of guesthouses accommodation in UK such as B&Bs. -Non-serviced accommodation or self-catering accommodation is where you have only accommodation as a service, but meals and hotel services are not included. So, the tourists have to provide everything by themselves. For example, Kent & Sussex Holiday Cottages is an ideal for a family holiday. Describe and give one example of each of the different
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