The Domestic Violence Against Women

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Oregon joined and became the first state to mandate arrest for domestic violence cases. States kept adding to the list and as of 1983, there were more than 700 shelters for abused women across the country. The number of shelters kept increasing, as did the organizations intended to assist the victims of domestic violence. After 1986 that the first Domestic Violence Awareness Month was first held in October, the United Nations included violence against women as a human rights violation in 1993. The next year, the US Congress passed the Violence Against Women Act and services started being offered for victims of rape and domestic violence. Police training for these issues was given. However, since domestic violence cases did not decrease, in 2012 national leader movements united to promote and demand change. The NO MORE initiative was the most known. As of 2013, the Violence Against Women Reauthorization has been renewed for five more years, which provides more protection for women who are in college, immigrants, members of a tribe and the LGBT community (History of the Battered Women 's Movement, 2015). Dawn (1999) assures there is a “culture of violence against women.” His comment highlights the fact that violence is a learned behavior. World Health Organization (2015) states that a key fact about domestic violence is witnessing violence in the family. Although being exposed to domestic violence does not guarantee they will batter; that experience places them at a higher…
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