The Domestic Violence And Sex Crimes Units Of The Prosecutor's Office

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Introduction Experience is an attribute of ultimate success in the workforce. In order to gain experience, I recently completed an internship at the Marion County Prosecutor 's Office (MCPO). I worked for the paralegals within the Sex Crimes and Domestic Violence Units of the Prosecutor 's Office. While completing this internship, I learned several lessons that will help to enhance my professional ambitions following graduation, while simultaneously learning about the functionality and dysfunctionality of the organization byand theorizing on how the organization could improve. Functionality The Domestic Violence and Sex Crimes Units of the Marion County Prosecutor 's Office had numerous functional aspects to their organization. The organizational structure was one of the strongest benefactors to the functionality of the office. The Prosecutor 's Office could be seen as a mechanistic or bureaucratic organization, meaning that the office wasis based on a hierarchy with vertical communication structures. The prosecutors were the highest level of authority; who would communicate their needs to the paralegals (the middle level authority), and the paralegals would relay these messages to the interns, who were at the lowest level of the communication structure. There were were two paralegals within the Domestic Violence Unit who served under eight prosecutors. As an intern, I was serving under the paralegals. The organizational structure benefitted the lower level

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