The Domestic Violence And The Addictive Behavior

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This essay is to describe my life, as the aspects that are built into my history, present and future are due to the domestic violence and the addictive behavior that occurred in my home as a child. The norms that occur in the life of children were different than the experiences that I held, and further, addictive and abusive behavior is not acceptable under any circumstance. The future is dependent upon the past, and when problematic issues are realized, this assists in resolving such in one owns life. More often than not however, that does not occur. The processes and procedures that now occur assist with this, and help children as well as other victims get through this.
Roles of parents
The traditional roles that parents play are usually one like a nuclear-family, where there is love, caring, fostering, and direction. In my family, these expressive-roles existed with my mother, but not so much with my father. My father who played the instrumental-role was an alcoholic way before I was born and the domestic violence played its role in and throughout my life growing up, until the age of 10. My father was not the role model that I had hoped he would be. My mother stayed with my father for 9 years having to deal with this ongoing abuse trying to play the traditional role that a parent does, but then realized that it was not benefiting us to be in an environment like that. I feel that the norms that occur in the life of a child were very different from what I had gone…
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