The Domestication Of Animals By Humans

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NHD Paper The domestication of animals by humans is an early example of eugenics. Animals were used for hunting, warning system against predators, and overall companionship. (History of Eugenics) Humans at the time wanted a powerful animal, that was able to protect their owner, and help be able to produce food and clothing Obviously a strong animal does not come from handicapped ancestry, rather it comes from a far more adaptive origin. Early day humans exchanged this idea that the fittest animal comes from the fittest parents. This idea of superior origin was used in animal husbandry (History of Eugenics). For instance, a cattle that could produce twice as much milk and supply a strong hide, would obviously out weigh its less useful…show more content…
In fact, Darwin stated, “if we can breed certain traits in or out of plants and animals, and if human beings are biological organisms not fundamentally different from plants and animals, then we should be able – if we so wished – to “improve” the human race by means similar to those developed over the centuries by plant and animal breeders (Word Press). `Darwin was more interested in improving humanity as a whole, not one specific race. Darwin’s ideas were applied in a rather controversial manner in the 19th century. The controversy associated with fear of Eugenics hovers over the development in human genetics. Eugenics became popular in the 19th century, at a time in which people were infatuated with superior fitness, competition, and biological rationalizations of inequality ( In The Name Of Darwin). People brought up Darwin’s analogy of survival of the fittest. When discussing the topic of superiority between two races. Many social Darwinists insisted that this analogy should be implemented on the human race, and that deleterious traits were a result from heredity. These people believed that weak individuals were a complication in the human race, and that they should face death. Francis Dalton, Darwin’s cousin, promoted the idea of creating a master race. Dalton believed that the undesirables should be gotten rid
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