The Domestication of Canines

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We are inseparable; they are more than tame animals. They have become a part of humanity that have and will shape our species. Dogs have been an essential part of the book of humanity well before the first settlements and human survival might not have been possible without dogs. How did dogs go from a wiled animal, to the loving spices that we share almost every moment of our lives with? We share every thing with them; our lives, our homes, our money (for their food , medical care and up keep) beds, food, compassion, and love. They are treated just as well as our own children. Many people including myself share almost everything with our dogs. But how does this story begin, where has it taken us throughout history, and today, what were we able to accomplish? Prehistoric humans lived in a time where there was little food, safety, or certainty, following groups of animals as a food source, and seeking the safety of caves to avoid the dangers from the world at night. We were in a period where death was more common than living. At the time, our ancestors were living in incredibility small social groups. The population of prehistoric humans at the time was only in the tens of thousands. There were other species of large primates under the genus “Homo” (hominids), and the competition was rough. We were at the time a poorly equipped species, lacking speed, strength, fur, claws, teeth, and other smart biological features. The few things we had going for us were our high
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