The Dominance of Microsoft’s Xbox 360

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The Dominance of Microsoft’s Xbox 360
The video game market has slowly and steadily created a larger presence for itself in the entertainment industry. The largest part of the market’s recent growth (from 2005 to the present) is undeniably due in part to the video game console created by Microsoft called the Xbox 360. Microsoft was the first company to release what is called the “current generation” console, and successfully beat Sony out of the gate. Prior to the release of the Xbox 360, Sony had dominated the market with their console, the PlayStation 2. It is because of Microsoft’s ongoing innovations to enhance player interactivity and large game catalogue (especially those with record breaking sales) is why they are the dominant
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(Kubba) This amount of money is unheard of when it comes to music or film. In comparison, the top most grossing films are Avatar and Titanic. (Internet Movie Database) The film Avatar earned $760 million within three years, and Titanic earned $658 million within six years, all of which are comprised of film earnings at the box office and home video recordings like DVD or Blu-ray. The technology created by Microsoft for their Xbox 360 is the first of its kind. A perfect example is a device called the Kinect. This device utilizes a microphone and multiple cameras to enhance gamers’ experience, especially for game titles like Dance Central. Kinect utilizes motion detection in order to spot interaction and display it on the screen accordingly. Another function for the device is voice recognition. Rather than using a controller, the player can simply speak the commands and the Xbox will do the said action. But the use for the Kinect has also extended far beyond its gaming origins, spurring advances in medical treatment. (Knight) Using the Kinect for real-world applications, including making medical diagnoses or three dimensional modeling was an unintended side effect of the Kinect when it was released. At first, Microsoft seemed hesitant to allow people to use the Kinect for something outside of gaming, but soon it was apparent that it could be used
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