The Don'ts of Online Dating

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He was waiting at the corner of his grandparents’ house, probably that was not the first time, but he knew that eventually she would be crossing by. He knew where she lived, her routines. Here she comes seriously dress in black. Long hair pull up from the front, long wavy skirt, black heels shoes, straight and focus in her walking. She is at the corner of her house, ready to turn street, but she notices him, his eyes are desperately looking to meet hers. Finally they meet, she is surprised of that passion and feels the heat in her heart, but she is shy and young, puts her head down and fast and shaking leaves the road. Could this ever happen with an online dating site? Absolutely not; online dating is increasing; according to ABC news article, an estimated 40 million Americans use online dating services in the hope to meet “The one”. There are more than 1,400 web sites in the $700 million a year business. But, are they safe and truthful as they say on their profile? Online dating is dangerous because gives an opportunity to sexual predators to hide behind fake profiles and also to scammers to take advantage of personal information and your money; is unnatural to find love using the shopping mentality and shallow to find someone just for the physical appearance; and a waste of time and money because it is not easy to find someone at the first time, according to friends experiences, there are many men and women that lack of seriousness, not everyone on online dating is

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