The Doom Of The Lakes

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Sam Pruhs Mrs. Gavagan Expository Writing 5/24/2017 The Doom of the Lakes Just a few miles away, our Great Lakes are being ravaged by plastic particles being released throughout. Issues around the world regarding water have always been prevalent. Dehydration kills about 2.2 million children every year. We can not stand idle by as a possible solution degrades daily right next to us. Lake Erie is known as the most polluted of the Great Lakes however, Lake Michigan is close behind. Due to the boom in industry in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas during the Industrial Revolution, and the disregard of the environmental impact, Michigan has already absorbed a large amount of pollutants. Only one percent of the water in the Great Lakes leave the…show more content…
Point source solution references when a facility or industrial treatment plant directly dump raw sewage or other pollutants into the body of water. Nonpoint source pollution refers to pollution associated with runoff. Air pollution deals with the microscopic particles which float through the air into the water. Air pollution is responsible for the far majority of the plastic particles present in the Great Lakes. Using our everyday products such as shampoo and hand soap because they 're plastic particles to become airborne, and be swept by the wind into the Great Lakes. When they finally do settle into the water, they sit on the bottom until a current pushes them up, which happens very often. These plastic particles are cycled through the fish population and eventually the entire ecosystem, posing to crippled all the organisms. These particles cause ruptures in the body and clogged digestive tracts. Effects on the local Great Lake biosphere have accumulations of toxins within the food chain. For instance, fish. Consuming a large amount of fish exposed to these toxic chemicals can expose you to DDT, dioxin, and PCVs, these chemicals are known for being carcinogenic, and can cause neurological disorders and a weakened immune system. Being exposed to the Water by swimming can also cause immune problems if swallowed. These chemicals also are known for causing skin cancer if exposed to the external body. Non

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