The Door Shut With A Great Force

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The door shut with a great force. I hear the sound banging away along the lost and empty corridor. The air is cold and my hands have been tied. I could see through the sack which is over my head. I hear footsteps coming closer and closer. The sound begins to become louder and louder like a siren without a volume bar. The door opens with a smell of disgust and devastation. These people speak in a different language and I know this is not the holiday I was looking forward to. The sack is removed from my head. I see four people with AK-47’s with ripped clothes on them. They seem to be younger than me probably as young as twelve. I feel unsure what the situation is but I know it is bad. I am being dragged with my legs following along like a…show more content…
They put a salty cloth in my mouth which does not allow me to talk. I find myself in the middle of a war which I never wanted to be in. I could see the men in the room playing cards through the sack. I see that the only time I could escape is now. This is because three men left the room and there is only one person who is guarding me. I quickly start to break out of the handcuffs. I try to be as quiet as I can, but it is a risky job. I try to dislocate my wrist without making a sound. Even though it hurt 10 times worse, slower. I finally slip the handcuffs off. I could feel the numbness of my fingers but I know I need to take the tied rope off my legs. Next thing I know I am teased. With 100 watts in my bod my nervous system shuts down causing me to be knocked out cold. I wake up in a dark claustrophobia room where I find myself strapped into a medical chair. Beside me I see inhumane knife-like sharp objects. The room is filled with a garbage-like stench polluting the air. A man walks into the room with an army uniform. With him three men come following but I still have no clue what is going on but I know it is not good. The man with the army suit comes up to me and says. “Here is a mobile phone and know you must call the US embassy and you must tell then to put 60 million dollars into my bank account”. I knew that even though I told the embassy they would not give me the money. This was because I am a normal average man
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