The Door Shut With A Great Force

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The door shut with a great force. I hear the sound banging away along the lost and empty corridor. The air is cold and my hands have been tied. I could see through the sack which is over my head. I hear footsteps coming closer and closer. The sound begins to become louder and louder like a siren without a volume bar. The door opens with a smell of disgust and devastation. These people speak in a different language and I know this is not the holiday I was looking forward to. The sack is removed from my head. I see four people with AK-47’s with ripped clothes on them. They seem to be younger than me probably as young as twelve. I feel unsure what the situation is but I know it is bad. I am being dragged with my legs following along like a trailer for a car. I feel numb and in pain, but most of all, fear. I am then put in a dark, empty room with only a lamp which only manages to light up half of the room. The people talked to with no respect for human rights. I am then secretly filmed, but I still don’t know what is happening where my family is. I hear a voice which is English. It is a translator who is speaking. I am forced to be in an interview. The translator starts asking me questions. What is your name? The translator asks me. My name is Mark Tainter and I am an American citizen. Who are you? Why me? I ask with determination and anger. The translator repeated in a calm, gentle voice trying to calm me down. ‘I am Abdullah Hubbub, my people hate your people and if you

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