The Dopamine And Glutamate Hypothesis And Other Influencing

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The Dopamine and Glutamate Hypothesis and other Influencing Factors in the cause of Schizophrenia
Michele P. Bryant
Antelope Valley College

Schizophrenia is a Psychological disorder that impacts the person 's ability to process thoughts, emotions and action. Schizophrenia symptoms are categorized as cognitive, positive and negative symptoms. There has yet to be a confirmed singular cause of schizophrenia. The dopamine hypothesis is a theory that attributes the cause of schizophrenia to an increase in dopamine levels. The antipsychotic medication mentioned in this theory is beneficial in the treatment of the symptoms of schizophrenia. Although the medication that treats increased dopamine levels it does not affect other
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Residual Type is classified when the person has had very few schizophrenic episodes and did not have any further symptoms. People that are classified in the Undifferentiated Type have a unique combination of symptoms not listed in other types. There are various different theories on the causes of schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia can be passed down thru generations even though there is not a specific gene associated with the disorder. It is considered to be a combination of genes that make a person susceptible to becoming schizophrenic. This information is found mainly thought the study of twins. By having the same genes it can be viewed why genes contribute to the potential of schizophrenia. Even though genetics is a viable factor in the analysis of the cause of schizophrenia there are more supporting factors found in neurotransmitters.

The Dopamine Hypothesis
The Dopamine Hypothesis theorizes that the symptoms portrayed in Schizophrenia is can be explained by abnormal function of dopamine in the brain. There have been three versions of the Dopamine Hypothesis. The first version of the hypothesis focuses on the dopamine receptors. Antipsychotic drugs that impact the metabolization and reabsorption of dopamine where found to be effective in treating the symptoms. It was theorized that if the symptoms of a Schizophrenic episode can be treated by the use of dopamine

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