The Dorothea Orem Self Care Theory

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Nursing has been a profession which promotes health and wellness, advocate for patients and families, take care of the heavy-hearted from pain and suffering, and educate the community. According to the American Nurse 's Association Code of Ethics, professional nursing promote health and wellness, protect patients and use optimal abilities to take care of patients while advocating in the care of the individuals, families, communities and populations with no discrimination of persons (ANA, 2015). Nursing theories provide the principles or framework that are needed to practice and help generate further nursing knowledge. Theories are composed of Concepts, definitions, models, propositions, and are based on assumptions (Alligood, 2014). This paper will discuss the Dorothea Orem Self-Care Theory. In addition, the paper will summarize one research study that is relevant to the theory and to my current employment, analyze how the study illustrates practice implications for the theory, and explain at least one operational definition for a key concept from the theory. Theory Explanation Dorothea Orem theory of Self-Care came about in the 1970’s. Orem’s theory says that a patient should be able to take care of self in order to obtain optimal health and wellness. The person should have the basic needs of life and be able to perform ADL’s on their own in order to maintain self sufficiency. The basic needs of life can be explained in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as well; Being able to
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