The Double Consciousness By. B Du Bois

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The “double consciousness” coined by W.E.B Du Bois, became a popular ideology during the Harlem Renaissance to depict conflicting identities of the black community. Du Bois understood the historical context of black immigration from rural to urban areas would cause problems for those who wanted to create a better life for themselves. Many of the black men who moved to the north were “untrained and poorly educated.” Du Bois attempted to formulate his theory of identity with race, ethnicity, and culture. With the formation of the split identity in combination with intersectionality, the struggle with forced assimilation cultural, racial, and ethnic identity has been built into the system of oppression in the black community. Du Bois hopes that the concept of the double consciousness conceptualizes black agency as well as raises awareness and gains power through the resistance. In doing so, will conflict subjectivity within whiteness and black inferiority, eventually deconstructing white western ideology. The problem with the theory of double consciousness is that Du Bois cannot fully dismiss white ideology because his identity is comprised of white education and cultural appropriation.” Deconstructing western ideology is problematic when black writers and intellectuals like Du Bois are fighting for authentic blackness and are also practicing western theory that derives from the non-European origin. The Harlem movement would have to become a universal phenomenon,…

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