The Doubt of Future Foes by Queen Elizabeth I: The Outraged Thoughts of a Proud Queen

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One might second guess poetry written by the Queen of England while others might be intrigued by it. During Queen Elizabeth’s challenging reign as Queen, she faced many burdensome obstacles. In her poem, “The Doubt of Future Foes”, she describes a significant one which involved her sister, Mary of Scots. She expresses her condescending and disgusted attitude toward her tenacious sister by using picturesque language. The inspiration for this poem, Mary had been living under her sister’s protection in England after being removed from the Scottish throne. Subsequently, Catholic Scots wished to replace Elizabeth with Mary. Then, Sir Anthony Babington and other Catholics made a plot attempt to place Mary on the English throne, but the plot was…show more content…
Elizabeth also uses alliteration in the phrase, “foresight falsehood finds” (line 10). Here, the sound device adds a sense of reassurance of her thoughts. It also shows her feelings of confidence that whatever one does to attempt to overthrow her, they will not succeed in their endeavors. She has no doubt that if Mary ruled over her kingdom, she would “reap no gain” (line 11) or receive no support from the people because she would not know how to keep England peaceful as a result of her troublesome personality. Queen Elizabeth uses imagery profusely in her poem. In line 6, the “rain of late repent” sets a gloomy atmosphere for the poem. Elizabeth is pointing out the tears that her enemies will weep when they realize that it is impossible to construct a plan to take away her place on the throne. However, it is already too late to fix their mistakes and they will have to live with the guilt and consequences of their senseless actions. The phrase, “dazzled eyes with pride” (line 9) portrays Elizabeth’s enemies as imprudent and pretentious opponents, whose outlook on their plans are flawed. She jeers that because her foes’ “great ambition” (line 9) obstructs their ultimate goal, they will never reach that goal. They will soon learn that when their plans are soon uncovered by her people. The Queen also uses imagery in the line, “to poll their tops” (line 16). Here, she firmly states that she will defeat any enemies that attempt to take control of her

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