The Downfall Of Julius Caesar

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Augustus paper

In his seventy sixth year Julius Caesar was assassinated by several senators on August 19, 14 CE. (Mellor 1). After Julius Caesar’s death, Antony (one of Caesar’s closest advisors) was expected to rule after him, but little did anyone know that Caesar was very fond of his nephew who voyaged with him on several missions and secretly adopted this fellow who went by the name of Gaius Octavius. (Mellor 6) Octavius would soon go by the name Augustus and become one of the greatest leaders to have ruled ancient Rome. Augustus ruler of Rome formulates a monarchical government in spite of Romans’ dislike of a monarchy without being assassinated like his grandpa Julius Caesar by maintaining a strong military system, gradually changing the constitution, and spending his money and time wisely. Augustus was a man of strong brutality and strength, one of the strong points in aiding his rise as emperor was his military control. Augustus differed greatly from Julius Caesar in the relationships between him and his enemies. While Julius Caesar would try to befriend his foes after defeating them, Augustus is more unforgiving and instantly tries to eliminate them. Julius Caesar only eliminated the major enemies that he deemed most threatening but, after he succeeded in defeating them, he made the mistake of looking past other past potential enemies. Augustus learned from Caesar’s mistakes. Augustus knew that he could easily be killed by the same assassins that killed his…

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