The Downfall Of Julius Caesar

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During the late Roman Republic, power was held in the senate and by controlling the power of the people. Julius Caesar quickly became a powerful influence through the help of the Pompey the Great and Marcus Licinius Crassus when they formed the political alliance the First Triumvirate. Yet, he quickly fell from power just a few years after his daughter’s death. Julius Caesar’s downfall has always been attributed to his pride and the betrayal of these allies. However, Julia Caesar, his only daughter, played a significant role in establishing the First Triumvirate, which led to Julius Caesar’s rise to power and eventually his downfall.
Julia Caesar was born around 76 BC in Rome. She was the daughter of Gaius Julius Caesar, a Roman Nobleman, and Cornelia Cinna his first wife. Julia was their only child in marriage. Both of her parents belonged to families that support “popular” sympathies. In order to legitimize their actions they preferred the People 's Assembly to the Senate and in order to gain support from the majority of the citizens they backed social reforms. Unfortunately, the populares, or people with “popular” sympathies, were almost without power after the coup d 'état of Sulla. The dictator Sulla attempted to have Julius Caesar divorce his wife Cornelia. However, Caesar refused and was stripped of the priesthood, his wife’s dowry, and his own inheritance. Caesar was out casted until a friend pleaded on his behalf giving way to Sulla recanting his word. Julia…

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