The Downfall Of Marine Life On The Brink Of Catastrophic Collapse

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“Over-fished and Under-protected: Ocean Life on the Brink of Catastrophic Collapse” Tom Levitt, for CNN
Updated: 11:07 AM, Wednesday March 27, 2013.

The downfall of fish in the Atlantic Ocean is a result of numerous factors such as certain fishing techniques, climate change, and pollution. One type of fishing technique that is causing serious damage to marine life is bottom-trawling. Bottom-trawling is a form of fishing that involves a large net, about 60 meters wide, and dragging it along the bottom of the sea with heavy weights from a trawler. Bottom-trawling causes irreversible damage to coral life and slow-growing fish species, for example the “Orange Roughy 's (Slime Head) species has decreased more than 90%. Halibut disappeared from the North Atlantic in the 19th century. In the North Ocean, Blue Fin Tuna disappeared in the 1930 's-1940 's, and today have disappeared across the seas of Northern Europe.

This is a paragraph from an article, “Over-fished and Under-protected: Oceans on the Brink of Catastrophic Collapse”by Tom Levitt, for CNN.

“Marine conservationists compare it to a bulldozer, with the nets pulled for as far as 20km, picking up turtles, coral and anything else in their path. The by-catch, unwanted fish and other ocean life thrown back into the sea, can amount to as much as 90% of a trawl 's total catch.”
“Opinion 2: Deep sea fishing is 'oceanocide '.”

During 1990-2008, an
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