The Downfall Of The Weimar Republic

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Jacob Hall Nazi Germany Final Paper The Downfall of the Weimar Republic The Weimar Republic was created in 1919, at the time of near anarchy, after Germany had lost the First World War. It was named Weimar for the city the constitutional assembly and conception it took place in. The Weimar Republic was the era leading up to the Nazi Regime, and obviously ultimately failed. The main party that had created the Weimar Republic was the Social Demographic Party, which was primarily represented by the working class. Germans felt that they had received a harsh deal in the Treat of Versailles, and they resented the government for agreeing to its conditions. During its 14 years, the republic faced many problems that included hyperinflation, the great depression, and parties on the left and right side of Germanys political board constantly arguing back and forth on what to do. One of the greatest weaknesses of the Weimar Republic was the lost of WWI, which weakened the monarchy and left to the struggling declaration to the Weimar republic in 1918. The Weimar Republic was ‘doomed from the start’, and really lacked the support from the majority of the German people, the republic fought with issues from the very start of its conception of an idea in 1918 with left wing groups constantly criticizing it for betraying German national interests. Economically it was a time of great crisis because Germany could not cope with reparations payments in addition to the enormous burden of
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