The Downfall of Macbeth by William Shakespeare

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The audience perceives that there are a number of culprits that have caused his eventual down fall, such as Lady Macbeth, the three witches and Macbeth himself. We cannot ignore the thought that each of the factors has played a fairly notable role yet only one is truly responsible for setting off the tumultuous cycle of the play. Personally, when thinking over the causes and consequences I have come to a considered conclusion, that the witches have commenced the tragic fatal downfall of Macbeth. The supernatural invasion in Macbeth’s domestic life has ruptured the balance of nature and created chaos. Many may support the idea that Macbeth himself have brought his down fall; hence he is fully responsible for the consequences. Many opinions may agree that despite the persuasive language of Lady Macbeth and the temptation from the prophecies, Macbeth had the last word at the end of it all. Being the patriarch, Macbeth had to the official right to set boundaries in power distribution. Looking past Macbeth’s fears and weaknesses to stand up to his wife, he should have been cognizant of the devastating consequences that followed with his dishonourable actions. However after all he went along, trusting his ambition driven wife and joining the mad sinful plan, which was doomed to failure. How was he to rule Scotland, when he couldn’t keep his own wife under control? Not long after that, the…
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