The Downfall of Man Power

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The need to be powerful has plagued many in history. Once the taste have been had, the drive to continue for more power cannot be stopped. Power twisted and shaped the designs of those who sought it out. Many had risen with their new found power and then fell quickly once it collapsed in on them. General Benjamin Franklin Butler is just one of the many who had lost their power by clawing their way to get more. The continued orders that he placed during his time as military commander in New Orleans eventually led to his downfall. His story is one that is arguably important to understanding how the minds of some men were warped by power throughout the Civil War era. Benjamin Franklin Butler did not start out as a general from the…show more content…
Butler hit a minor bump in his journey to power when Confederate supporter William B. Mumford had been discovered to previously burning an American flag. Though this was before any of the orders had been put in place, Butler saw it as an act of defiance against his leadership and had him sentenced to death. William B. Mumford was hanged in June and was seen as a martyr by those who supported the Confederate cause (Anonymous). A large majority of these “rebels” were the women who had seen their husbands, brothers, or sons go off to defend their state’s rights. The women were particularly nasty towards the Union soldiers: running off when a soldier called for their attention, directing foul language at them, giving them awful glares. “Even the highest in command was vulnerable. While walking with one of his subordinates in the French Quarter, Admiral Farragut was doused when a woman emptied her chamber pot as they passed beneath her balcony” (Gauthreaux). To curb the increasing behavior of the women General Butler issued Order No. 28 which decreed; “As the officers and soldiers of the United States have been subject to repeated insults from the women (calling themselves ladies) of New Orleans, in return for the most scrupulous non-interference and courtesy on our part, it is ordered that hereafter when any female shall, by word, gesture, or movement, insult or show contempt for any officer or soldier of the United States, she shall be
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