The Downfall of Modern Tourism: Disney World Suppresses Individuality

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The Downfall of Modern Tourism: Disney World Suppresses Individuality

The progression of technology and its presence in society has strongly molded the way people live their lives today, and the way they will continue to live their lives years from now. But with this advancement of science and increased order, there is a consequence that seems to be a heavy price to pay: the loss of human emotion and freewill, and the submission to organization and commands. The tourist industry is one such manufactured machine, so to speak, that influences people's views in certain aspects. One of these aspects, culture, is a main focus of post-modernist writer Bryan Turner, who believes that "tourism invents and demands empathy...makes cultures
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As a tourist corporation, Walt Disney is similar to a machine that regulates people's thoughts, compromises their individuality, and alters their perception on certain aspects of society.

One of the primary advocators of the belief that tourist attractions control people's minds is Walker Percy. In his essay "The Loss of the Creature," Percy claims that tourist attractions do not help man in seeing a sight, but actually prevents him from seeing it; "in other words, he sees [Disney] by avoiding all the facilities for seeing [Disney]" (567). While it is true that Percy refers to the Grand Canyon, a natural attraction, in his example, and Disney is a man-made park, the fact that both places have guided facilities for seeing them puts them in the same restricted category. The theme park offers a filtered view, just like the Canyon, because the tour guides only want tourists to see certain aspects - the glory, the happy endings, the perfect Disney fairytale - and they intend to regulate the way people see it.

Just by looking at the map of Disney, one can see the careful planning Disney put into the park; they almost seem to be regulating fun instead of letting it occur spontaneously as it naturally should. Without the map, tourists would be more free to roam the park as they wanted, having no set direction in which to follow. Most people that visit Disney automatically feel as though they have to partake in

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