The Downfall of Victor Frankenstein

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Katy Yu
Mrs. Hagburg
English IV
30 November 2010
The Downfall of Victor Frankenstein
In many situations today, the children most common problem can be trace back to their family issue. Without a strong bond of relationship between their parents can consequently cause a destruction of children’s future. Even more, the children grow up unsteadily with aggressive behavior and the sign of depression. This has come to be a controversial issue and as well the depth of the story that is contain in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. To many misinterpretations from the movie, the creature itself was to accused to be a villain in the plot. As it show in Mary Shelly’s novel a deeper analysis has reveal that Victor Frankenstein is the real blame for
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These curiosities should have been answer by a parent, Victor Frankenstein. However, Victor never put any effort in guiding the poor and innocent child. Evelyn Yeo in “How Does Emotional Abuse Affect Self- Esteem,” concludes that from the time of infant-hood to childhood, a child’s sense of self is defined by how he was treated and what he was told by his parents and primary caregivers. Infants especially, have no knowledge of who they are as a separate person so they rely heavily on their parents’ feedback. From parents’ trust, affection, and encouragement, the child will eventually grow up with confidence and achieve potential to make him or her parents’ proud. Overtime, self esteem will soon build upon them so they are prepared to be set in the real world (1).
On the other hands, these stages in helping and encouraging a kid are important for them to able to become an adult. But once again, Frankenstein never displays how a father would act. Yet, Victor only showed sign of terror by the repulsive exterior of the creature. No parent should draw final conclusion on whether if the child will become evil or good; its final judgment will be upon how they act toward the others. Just by looking at their communication and action, it can tell a lot of who they are as a person and how the parents has influence their belief.
In addition, if being rejected again and again not only by his own father and
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