The Dragon As A Symbol Of Strength, Power, And Good Luck

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Every culture throughout the world has their own unique stories of their beginnings and histories, their own mythologies. In these mythologies there are stories of creations, destruction’s, Gods, Goddesses, heroes, villains, features, and creatures. That last category being one that enraptures them all. The tales of mythological creatures are ones that have captivated the masses since the beginning. Children are told stories of the wonderful, and sometimes fearsome, creatures that dominate the world of mythology. Of all those many creatures, one of the creatures spread through nearly all cultures, in some form or another, good or bad, is the dragon. In the lands of the East the dragon is often seen as a symbol of strength, power, and good luck (Wu, 2015), in the Western lands the dragon is often seen as the opposite, it 's seen as destruction and chaos, bringing nothing but terror and bad luck. Which ever version of the dragon one chooses to believe in, and despite the things children are led to believe in their bedtime stories, some dragons are more then just monsters that knights slay to save the princess. Dragons, in their various forms, represent a plethora of things to many different cultures around the world. This paper will talk about what dragons are, what they mean to the Chinese, Slavic, and Celtic cultures, their part in the history of those cultures along with the world, and how they continue to captivate the imagination and teach the people of today. The term
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