The Dragon In The Epic Of Beowulf

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Once upon a time, in a dark misty cave, there slept a dragon guarding a vast glimmering treasure. One day, somebody stole a massive embellished golden goblet. The dragon, awoken from his interminable hibernation by the sounds of the thief, became enraged over his loss. Thus he swooped down to the villages smothering everything with his breath of fire. The king, Beowulf, who was melancholy during this tragic time, resolved to stop this fatal beast. He arrived at the fetid cave and challenged the beast to approach him. Then the battle began, the dragon spewed and Beowulf brandished, the dragon pounced and Beowulf’s sword broke, the dragon grabbed and Beowulf yelled. Thankfully a curios boy came to the rescue and stabbed the dragon until he released
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