The Dragon Who We Soon Discover

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I had qualms at first about how exactly to complete a task such as this, being that my experience with this type of writing is limited at best. However, I will confess there is much fun to be found in the fanciful wordplay. Not only are we asked to fill in a piece of the story, requiring knowledge of the plot line at this point in the story, but the task also prompts a deeper understanding of the literary devices and influences present in this style of writing. A task of this nature not only familiarizes students with both the plot line and the technical aspects of the writing, but also fosters an opportunity to incorporate creativity and merge all of these dynamic fragments into a single masterpiece.
To begin, I considered the surrounding plot of the story. Just before the section begins we learn of the dragon who we soon discover is a major player in this epic tale. Thus far in the story the dragon has played a rather dormant role. Beowulf has been ruling the kingdom for over 50 years and we have heard not a single mention of the beast that sleeps as he guards his sparkly trove of wealth. At this point we are also introduced to an escaped slave who wakes the fiery beast by stealing a gem-studded goblet from the lair. He claims that his thievery was in fact accidental, and so proceeds the tale of his misadventures in the earthen pit. His story recounts that as he was escaping the chains of slavery he unknowingly stumbled upon the lair, by chance finding himself amid the
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