The Dragons Of Legend : The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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“The dragons of legend are strangely like actual creatures that have lived in the past. They are much like the great reptiles which inhabited the earth long before man is supposed to have appeared on earth. Dragons were generally evil and destructive. Every country had them in its mythology.” (Knox, Wilson, “Dragon,” The World Book Encyclopedia, 1973) Dragons are told in almost every culture known to man. Descriptions of the Dragon have been written, drawn, and told in culture that could have never met. From the North American Native tribes to the great civilization of China, Dragons have been told. Why is that? Through my research on this, I have concluded many theories, but all these theories still don’t answer my question. In order to get the answer to my question, we will have to re-explore all my research. The first civilization to have recorded a dragon like creature is the ancient Assyria in form of a poem called “Epic of Gilgamesh”. In this poem, Enkidu and Gilgamesh goes to slay a monster called Humbaba. Humbaba is describe to have scale-like skin, horns, a serpent tail, and was able to breath fire. This was around 2100 BC and this could have been the starting point of myths surrounding Dragons in the middle east. However, a little after this time, a great civilization had brewed up north of ancient Assyria. We known them as the Greeks, in which surrounded themselves in mythology, that their myths can still be told today. In fact, one of the Greeks most popular
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