The Drama of the Clinton Sex Scandal Essay

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The Drama of the Clinton Sex Scandal

Rare is a person that crosses the path of the White House without some emotion of envy or awe. This building epitomizes world leadership and unprecedented power. This renowned leadership may be the only association made by certain countries, while in the United States many see an other significance: Watergate, Whitewater, Kennedy's brutal and mysterious assassination, and today, Clinton's "zippergate" scandal. When the President of the United States takes oath, he gives up a part of his life. His private life becomes the public's life, and they feel the right to know what happens behind the Oval Office. Now the Presidency must battle against Newspaper journalists, radio personalities, televised news
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But a rapidly-growing public demand for almost "instant" Web coverage of breaking national news stories has forced even the largest newspapers and magazines- like the Washington Post and Newsweek-to abandon the old rule."
"Out with the old, in with the new." It is easy to think breaking stories online could dilute journalists' on-paper presence; now many have realized that online media puts all journalists on equal footing with radio and TV. So who drove this change, pushing away the status quo? Matt Drudge, author of "The Drudge Report". It is still the Internet's gold rush period and everyone is running around trying to make a profit. The irony is that the person who best embodies what's revolutionary about the Internet has made next to no money from it: Matt Drudge, 30, is the author of "The Drudge Report", a bulletin of entertainment gossip, political rumor and witty meta-news. His web page ( is austere; it consists of a headline, links to news sources and some black and white clip art. Apparently he is really quite well informed, he reads 18 newspapers a day and he admires politics enough to go after both sides of the story when the time comes. Drudge's contact list has been expanding far quicker than his bank account he now has a huge following, with a mailing list of over 85,000 people.
This web journalist has such an impact on the