The Dramatic Importance of the Boxing Scene Between Eddie and Roldolpho

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The dramatic importance of the boxing scene between Eddie and Roldolpho
The story, A View from the Bridge is set in America and it talks about a longshoreman, Eddie. He has kindly let two of his relatives who are illegal immigrants from Italy stay in his house. The boxing scene in Act 1, episode 5 of the play is of dramatic importance as it reveals the tension between Eddie and Rodolpho, one of the illegal immigrants. The scene highlights the different views and relationship of the two women towards Eddie as he is starting to resemble a tragic hero and is on his path of self-destruction and downfall. It also emphasizes the growing importance of Marco’s role which eventually leads to the climax at the beginning of Act 1.

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Catherine might have also done that on purpose so she could annoy Eddie because of what he has done to Rodolpho. From here we can see that Catherine’s view towards Eddie is deteriorating as she acts more rebellious around him while Beatrice still thinks there is hope for Eddie and is still on his side.

The end of Act 1 closely resembles a Greek Tragedy. In the boxing scene, Eddie begins to make bold moves and does things that are out of the ordinary. “Feints with his left hand and lands with his right”. He starts making mistakes without realizing it as he decides to physically hurt Rodolpho by punching him. This is just the beginning of his path towards self- destruction as he makes his fatal flaw later on in the play. The other characters in the play are all slowly turning against him. Catherine decides to be rebellious in front of Eddie, “You wanna dance, Rodolpho?” Marco challenges Eddie by asking him, “Can you lift this chair?” Beatrice criticizes Eddie for being too overprotective and his unnatural affection towards Catherine, “Well then, be an uncle then.” Rodolpho tries to reason with Eddie, “I have respect for her, Eddie.” “All right, sure. But I can’t stay in the house all the time, Eddie.”
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