The Dramatic Twist Of This Graphic Memoir By Alison Bechdel

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To reveal something from the past is called memoir. Introducing the dramatic twist of this graphic memoir written by Alison Bechdel will be explained in my essay. Alison Bechdel is a young lady who came out as being lesbian at the age of 19. Bechdel is the only child of a family of three and she deals with a problem which has to do with her father giving her hidden love. Bechdel uses memoir in the book to find herself in life in many ways. Bechdel relates in memoir through her parents as they were talented in their own way, so she compare her lifestyle to theirs. Her coming out to be lesbian was used in a way different from her father. Bechdel would include details in her drawings so that the audience could get an understanding of her.…show more content…
Alison Bechdel came out as a lesbian when she was 19 years old. Her being homosexual was a reaction off of her father. Bechdel and her father did not really talk, but she understood that her father were gay and she wanted him to notice her love for him being gay because she was the same as him. Bechdel father showed her hidden love. He loved her, but he did not really show it a lot because they never really talk. When Bechdel and her father did talk she was happy because it was unusual for her when he said something to her, or when he got close to her. Bechdel father also tried to take her to a gay bar after her and her father came from the movies, but she was not 21 years old. Bechdel father knew she was homosexual so that made her feel opened and more loved by her father because she felt that he is now understanding her more about her homosexual life. In the book Fun Home Bechdel use memoir to explain her parents creativity and compared her life to her mother and father. Talents such as turning old things into new things. For example in chapter 1 page 6 her father would take old furniture and restore it back to brand new. Her father was an English teacher as well, he had a library stored in their home with books he loved to read. Alison mother would go around the house studying and reciting her lines like the actress she was, and whenever she had a show she would invite the family. Alison as a young girl a young girl would look at her and her parent’s life,

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