The Drawbacks Of Anabolic Steroids

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The Drawbacks of Anabolic Steroids and Why They Should Stay Illegal Anabolic steroids have been used and taken by humans for over half a century. The effects they provide have developed large ongoing debates as to whether these substances should be allowed to the general public. Anabolic steroid in short provide the human body a much grander potential to build muscle by helping the cells within the body produce more muscle fibers at an astonishing rate that could never be achieved naturally. Many issues have arisen like health problems relating to these drugs have stirred studies like that “Eighty-three percent of steroid users in a study had a low pumping capacity that was linked to increased risk of heart failure and sudden cardiac…show more content…
In 1975 performance enhancing drugs were made illegal in and out of sports. I believe anabolic steroids should remain illegal due to the the profound negative effects they provide from health related risk to unfair competition in sports caused by these drugs. Anabolic steroids provide the benefit of increased muscle mass but at a cost of endangering your healthy both physically and mentally. To understand this issue we first need to look at the common side effects provided with these drugs. Severe acne, increased risk of tendinitis, liver problems, tumors, high cholesterol, high blood pressure leading to hypertension, heart and circulatory problems and infections such as HIV or hepatitis. These are just a few of the main health issues associated with the drugs but a list literally a page long would still not cover all the health issues associated with steroids. Steroids have even resulted in more severe problems where one study showed that “there was an 11% increase in chance of death found from steroid use”(Dosomething). These are some of the physical problems associated with the drugs but did not even mention the mental issues caused. Clear links have been found that steroids can cause depression, concentration problems and aggressive behavior leading to outburst and large amounts of aggression. Irritability has also been found along with a boat load of other physiological disorders caused by this nasty drug. All this evidence provides strong reasons why
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