Essay on The Drawer Boy

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Written By: Presented to: Course Code: Date: The Art of Violence: Healey’s Character Representation in The Drawer Boy Reviewed by Word Press critic Michael Dykstra, the Canadian play The Drawer Boy, by Michael Healey, has been suggested to be a play containing “no violence” (Dykstra); however, this conclusion deserves further analysis. In the play, the author uses violence as a way to create an identity for Angus, a main character, as well as a method to develop Angus’s character. Through this play, Healey creates a personality for Angus that, although innocent at first, evolves through his exposure to violence and establishes within him an aggressive disposition. In the first two scenes of they play, Healey portrays Angus as…show more content…
What if the voice in your head is just some voice? You can’t go killing people because of that” (556).The fact that Angus knows immediately that Hamlet killing his stepfather is wrong, infers that he already has the knowledge of what’s right and wrong ;therefore, has morals and a conscience. Angus’ exposure to the violent play enables the resurfacing of a moral self that is proven through this setting to have already been a part of Angus’ identity. No matter all of the positive that Healey allows his audience to unravel about Angus’ character, he also informs the reader of a trace of negative that lies within. It cannot be ignored that the drawer boy’s character chose to go to war; therefore, he put himself in a violent situation. Morgan even reminds Angus that “You were about to go to university…” (570), meaning that he had other options than to go with his friend into an environment where one’s trained to shoot a gun. Although Healey gives no evidence that Angus killed anyone and mostly mentions him and Morgan mostly goofing off during the war, they both joined the army where it goes without saying that they will be trained to defend and kill. It is safe for the audience to assume that Angus knows what war is and that it involves taking lives; nonetheless, he still made the decision to join in the army. The fact that Angus chose to enter such a destructive environment can very well be evidence of the existence of an element of violence within his
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