The Dream Act

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The Public Policy of Illegal Immigration?
Is higher education an entitlement? As a daughter of immigrants, this question can not be answered by a simple yes or no. Every area of policy is multifaceted. Every idea about policy draws certain boundaries in the realm of politics and in the debate of social and economic legislation. “Ideas tell what or who is included or excluded in a category.”(Stone). The rationale of public policy is taking a complex agenda, situation or idea and attempting to scale it back into main points, arguments and agendas. Furthermore, an issue is “placed on the agenda,” and a problem gets defined…alternative solutions are proposed, analyzed, legitimized, selected and refined. A solution is implemented…” (Stone 10-11). In this instance, reducing any answer to a simple yes or no response fails to capture different points of views and different ideas and the diverse amount of forces at play. Matters of community, loyalty and public interest almost always ignore the school of rationale thought. For this purpose, using the very ambiguous label of “Americans”, we all must reconcile our social perceptions of what was believed to be our American heritage for what it visibly is. In June 2012, just months before his reelection bid, President Barack Obama announced a major policy shift to slow the deportation of young, undocumented workers in favor of granting them permanent stay in the United States. Obama stated that his policy swing was

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