The Dream Collector : Character Analysis

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Transformations can either make a novel great or make it so bad that nobody will ever want to read it again. A transformation, according to the dictionary, is a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. Transformations are key to horror movie or books because those are what keep the audience on the edge of their seats and trying to guess what will happen next. Most novels have either the characters or the characters houses change throughout the story (mentality for the character's, appearance for both house and character, etc) to have an effect of uncertainty and an uneasy feeling, like when someone goes into a room in a scary movie. For example, in the story “Where is Here” the house was dulled out after the strangers visit, “the patterned wallpaper seemed drained of color… Even the robust green of the carpeting looked faded” (Oates 39). The house changed (transformed) dramatically after the strangers visit, to the mother and father, it was bland and had no life to it. The stranger had, what seemed like, a terrible childhood, and when he went into the house, it could have rubbed off onto the mother and father and completely changed their mentality on the house. In addition, in The Dream Collector, there was a picture of a kid stuck in a roof with nobody around except for an abandon/washed up ship and it looks like no one is going to help him or her (picture #1). The kid (from what we can assume) had a good childhood but now his life changed very drastically and
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